SciCar Presentations at NARST 2024

At 2024 NARST Annual International Conference, three SciCar Phd Students and two SciCar PhD graduates have been selected selected to present their research.

Moonika Teppo, PhD will present her study on ‘Perceived Competence and Choice as Predictors of Students’ Intrinsic Motivation‘. Read more: here.

Tapashi Binte Mahmud Chowdhury, PhD will speak about her study on ‘Navigating Wicked Problems through intersecting science education and culture: Insights from Ukraine, Estonia, Turkey, Bangladesh‘. Read More: here.

Rauno Neito will discuss his findings on ‘Situational Interest and Perceived Relevance in Physics Learning Modules‘. Read more: here.

Lauri Kõlamets will present his study on ‘Challenges in Latent Variables Test Development based on the concept of Energy‘. Read more: here.

Janari Teessar will present his study on ‘Student Self-Efficacy: Exploring Anxiety, Career Awareness, and Transversal Skills in Science Education‘. Read more: here.

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