University of Helsinki

The Faculty of Educational Sciences

The Faculty of Educational Sciences at University of Helsinki research-focused education and research activities have received considerable international interest. The faculty has typically ranked among the best 50 – 100 education research institutes in the world. It is a multidisciplinary academic community with professional staff strongly committed to research. Key areas of research are education, society and culture and learning and interaction. Research is conducted in ecologically valid contexts, including schools and teacher education. This faculty has been top line engaging new cohort of STEM teacher and collaborating with Finnish national centre for Science Education LUMA, which is part of University of Helsinki but does serve the whole Finland. LUMA Centre Finland promotes competence in LUMA subjects (i.e. mathematics, science and technology) according to national strategy. LUMA Centre Finland is an umbrella organization for LUMA Centres in Finnish universities and university campuses to strengthen and promote their collaboration on national and international level.