WP3 Research Capacity Building

Description of work

  •    Identifying research directions (2) – theoretical and classroom oriented.
  •    Staff capacity building: forming research groups, recruiting new people without background in social science research or in research at all (from centres, science departments).
  •    Staff coaching: supporting staff members and early career researchers by coaching to identify research strengths and weakness and areas for possible improvement (min 3 group coaching sessions).
  •    Research capacity building and experience exchange through mobility (between 3 countries) (in correlation with T4.4)


  1. Research groups’ videoconferences every 3 months (virtual /international level)
  2. Research seminars in Estonia (local face to face level), revolving around the identified areas and considering the strength of the research in partner countries; annual, open for a wider specialised audience of circa 20 persons (in correlation with WP2)
    1. Evaluating the impact of science career related motivational scenarios in science education.
    2. Using modelling techniques for promoting scientific literacy among learners.
    3. Core ideas in science education and implication towards paradigm shift in STEM teacher education.
  3. In collaboration with WP4 T4.4 // Researcher visits to WEIZ, UH (4 persons per year, each ā 4 days). Contribution of partners:
    1. Coaching during the research visits.
    2. Supervising the academic research from the perspective of practical relevance and societal needs.
    3. Training in transferable skills (in correlation with WP5 Career awareness activities)

Research seminars

Research projects