WP5 Career Awareness, Guidance and Development

Description of work

  • Soft skills & coaching training (by a Twinning partner, at UT level)
  • Researcher start-up/entrepreneurship training “Widening the meaning of employment in science education” (special focus on early career researchers)
  • Guideline on “Teacher education for promoting career awareness” with help from professional societies, such as RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry), IUPAC, ICASE, etc. (“white paper”)
  • International online training course for STEM teachers, teacher educators in promoting science career awareness.


  • Training in Soft skills & coaching, open also for young Baltic colleagues
  • Young researcher start-up/entrepreneurship training, open also for young Baltic colleagues, (in collaboration with UT, WEIZ, UH Departments of Economy)
  • Report on young researcher & teacher career awareness based on seminar audio records (seminar participation confirmed by participant signatures and don’t carry personal identification)
  • A guideline/Book of guidelines (online and printed) for modern science education and career awareness in science
  • International online training course in Moodle on addressing attractiveness of science career awareness

Coaching activities

Training courses

Addressing attractiveness of science career awareness