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Tapashi Binte Mahmud Chowdhury

Research Fellow

University of Tartu, Centre for Science Education (Estonia)


Regina Soobard is a research fellow in science education in University of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Ecology and Earth Science, Centre for Science Education. She received her PhD in science education 2015 in University of Tartu. Her main research interests are linked with scientific literacy, science-related career awareness and assessment. During her PhD studies, she got an award for semester abroad for visiting Monash University in Australia. After her PhD studies, she got BAFF Research Scholar program grant for being a visiting scholar in Michigan State University. She is also OECD PISA study science expert in Estonia. Additionally, she is a Professional Coach, certified by International Coach Federation’i (ICF).
In this project, she will be mainly working with WP 4 ja WP 5.

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