Neuropedagogy – the Translation of Neuroscientific Knowledge into Teaching Practice (Apr 27 in Zoom)

 Dr. Inna Shvarts-Serebro and Prof. Ron Blonder Weizmann  Institute of Science

April  27, 2022 12.00- 14.00  in zoom

The neuropedagogy field integrates the neurobiological theories and knowledge
such as neuronal functioning, plasticity, and memory formation and consolidation
processes into educational/pedagogical fields. This integration enables to reach a
better understanding of the mechanisms that occur during learning, and enhance the
effectivity of teaching by developing “brain-based” pedagogical practices.
In the seminar, our research on the practical implementation of neurobiology
knowledge in Chemistry high school classes will be presented. The approach of the
study is that teachers are essential key players that have the experience, content and
pedagogical knowledge to apply neurobiological principles of learning and memory
into practice in their class. To enable this transfer, a course that exposes
neuroscientific applicable contents and theories was developed for chemistry teachers.
As part of the course, the teachers were guided to choose a chemistry topic in which
students have difficulties in its understanding and were required to apply
neuropedagogical principles for building an alternative, neuropedagogy based, lesson
plans on the chosen topic. In the seminar, the effect that the course framework had on
the teachers’ lesson planning and their perceptions towards the course and their
pedagogy will be presented as well as examples of the resulted neuropedagogy based

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